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15 Shaggy Bob Haircut Ideas for Great Style Makeover

Looking to simplify your beauty routine? The shaggy bob is a popular, all-ages haircut that’s easy to style. That’s why it’s becoming so trendy with both celebrity and everyday people alike.

Here are a few great shaggy bob haircuts that you can use for any kind of style, look, face shape or hair color.

#1: Long Shaggy Bob

If you’re not ready to go for the usual chin-length shaggy bob, try a shoulder-length one instead. The layers will add volume and texture to your hair.

#2: Shaggy Bob With Bangs

Side bangs are all the rage, especially if you want to go for a quirky look or hide a larger forehead. Combine a shaggy bob haircut with some side bangs to complete your new style.

#3: Shaggy Bob for Thick Hair

Textured shaggy bobs with highlights are perfect for thick hair. They’re also very easy to style!

#4: Shaggy Bob For Fine Hair

A wavy, shaggy bob can add volume and texture to fine hair, which can appear dull if it’s not layered.

#5: Razor-Cut Shaggy Bob Haircuts

For an edgier, “harder” look, try a razor-cut shaggy bob haircut. The straight edges can be very striking and leave a major impression.

#6: Asymmetrical Shaggy Bob

Asymmetrical shaggy bob haircuts are great for younger folks or the young at heart. The asymmetry adds layers and volume.

#7: Curly Shaggy Bob

Even if you have trouble keeping curls intact, it’s easier with a shaggy bob. You can style it that way to begin with or just for special occasions.

#8: Wavy Shaggy Bob

Light, beachy waves complement the shape of a chin-length shaggy bob just perfectly.

#9: Ash Shaggy Bob

If you have a reddish complexion that you’d like to even out, an ashy blonde or cool light brown shaggy bob can help.

#10: Straight Shaggy Bob

A short, straight shaggy bob is best if you have pale skin and a bright- or unusually-colored bob. This combination helps your skin to avoid being washed out, overshadowed, or overwhelmed by your hair.

#11: Choppy Shaggy Bob

A choppy shaggy bob in geometric shapes can provide some interesting angles that draw the eye.

#12: Sliced Shaggy Bob

Round faces will benefit from a straight, sliced-layer shaggy bob. The sharp angles will complement and flatter a rounder or heart-shaped face perfectly.

#13: Spiky Shaggy Bob

A spiky shaggy bob with an undercut is perfect for an artsy or edgy type, and it’s one of the easiest ways to maintain an undercut without quite as much effort.

#14: Short Shaggy Bob

A shorter shaggy bob is shorter than chin-length, making for a more dramatic, striking style.

#15: Classic Shaggy Bob

Of course, you can always go with the classic shaggy bob, which is chin-length and lightly layered with highlights.

So there you have it! Fifteen perfect cuts to simply any beauty routine.