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25+ DIY Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Home

Love coffee and thinking about possible home improvement projects? Home coffee bars can be homey, lovely, and budget-friendly. Instead of heading for a daily Starbucks run, with the right coffee bar idea, you can have a little space of your own set aside for your daily cup of coffee.

Whether you already have a built-in coffee and wine bar, or you just need some simple home coffee bar ideas, here are the best DIY ideas for building a coffee bar in your home.

#1: Storage-Saving Ideas

If you don’t have much room in your home, it might be difficult to think of good coffee bar ideas. You can use a portable rack or existing table though to save space. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of room as long as you decorate it well.

#2: Color Schemes

Repainting tables or cupboards can make a big difference in your home coffee bar. Just set a coffee pot or brewing system in the space, add some accents, and you’re great!

The best coffee bar ideas are simple. Red and black will be chic, while white gives more of a rustic-chic look.

#3: Farmhouse-Chic Home Coffee Bar Ideas

If you like the vibe of a farmhouse home coffee bar, use white and distressed wood. A few green plants can complete the look.

#4: Framed Coffee Quotes

There are plenty of cute coffee quotes on canvases or in wooden frames that will set your coffee bar apart from the rest of your house.

#5: Small Doormats or Rugs

The key to a great home coffee bar idea is making it clear that this is a special space for cozy comfort. Small doormats or rugs will also help absorb any stray drips from coffee or milk.

#6: Rotating Racks

If you don’t have much space at all, a simple rotating rack can hold all your mugs, sugar, cream, coffee pods or beans, and keep them handy while looking cute.

#7: Built-in Shelves

“Floating” shelves that can hold sugar, coffee beans, mugs, a French press, or coffee pot make it look like your space is larger than it really is.

#8: Mason Jars

Clear mason jars can be repurposed for a rustic-chic look in your home coffee bar. You can put coffee beans or sugar in them.

#9: Wooden Board with Pegs

Even a wooden board with pegs can be used for a home coffee bar! Just hang mugs and containers from it and add some wooden shelves to hold a French press.

#10: Succulents

Succulents, whether hanging or in little vases, can serve as accents for your home coffee bar. This gives the space a minimalist, bohemian feel.

#11: Embroidered Towels

Embroidered towels with cute characters and coffee quotes are a great, easy home coffee bar idea that anyone can use to decorate the space.

#12: Use an Island

If you already have an island, just set up some chairs and a coffee machine, and you’ve got a brand-new home coffee bar!

#13: Chalkboard

Chalkboards are some of the best DIY ideas for home coffee bars if you want your space to look like a cute cafe. Many coffee shops have chalkboards where baristas change the menu. This is a fun little home improvement project that can serve as more than just a menu in your home. Use it for reminders or just to tell your spouse you love them!

#14: Dedicate a Corner

If you have an extra corner that’s being unused, you can repaint the cupboards and give them a different look. There you have it: a DIY home coffee bar with little expense or effort.

#15: Repurpose a Dresser

A dresser can be distressed, repainted, and decorated and repurposed as a DIY home coffee bar. This is an especially good idea if you want to have a rustic-chic look.

#16: Coffee Bean Accents

Coffee beans aren’t just for making coffee. They can also be used as inexpensive, cute accents. Put them in mason jars or vases for a DIY look.

#17: A Single Cupboard

Even if you only have a single cupboard to dedicate to a DIY coffee bar, you can repaint it, distress the wood, and add accents, or remove the outside for an open coffee storage space.

#18: Stools

If you want your built-in home coffee and wine bar to be a cozy space with a great atmosphere, add seating. Bar stools or nice chairs will set it apart, even if your home is small.

#19: Combined Coffee and Wine Bar

Many people combine their home coffee and wine bars. You can use wine racks and cupboards with the doors removed to display coffee, wine, and liquor at once.

#20: Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Consider adding “extras” like candy or chocolate-covered espresso beans to your home coffee bar. This will add an extra coffee aroma to the area and also make it more fun and inviting.

#21: Using Books

To make your DIY home coffee bar look more like a cafe, pile up some hardcover books or magazines for reading or just decoration.

#22: Magnetic Boards

Magnetic letter boards also you to customize your DIY home coffee bar with ease.

#23: French Press

A French press makes everything look fancy! Display a copper one on your home coffee bar to give it a luxury, Parisian coffee bar look.

#24: Vintage Lamps

Vintage lamps can give your coffee bar some early-morning light and add a bit of decorative flair.

#25: Repurposed Storage Containers

For a low-cost DIY home coffee bar, use stacked storage containers to hold mugs, sugar, pods or coffee grounds or beans, and all the coffee-related trimmings. Ones meant for college dorm rooms should work best.

#26: Antique Teapots

If you’re a tea lover as well (or even if you just like the look of a teapot), antique teapots will lend your home coffee bar a Victorian air.