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woman putting on deodorant

5 Types of Deodorant Options

Choosing the right deodorant may not seem like a big deal, but with so many options available, it can be hard to find what works best for you. Not to mention, as more people look for deodorants without aluminum, picking the right one becomes even more difficult.

Here are some of the different deodorant options out there: 


As you can expect, aerosol deodorants spray on and have a powdery finish when dry. This is a great option for people who shower at the gym or share products with family members, as it never has to touch the skin.


Roll-on deodorants seem to be the most popular, as they are the easiest to apply. They are usually liquid and wet when first applied, but they do offer great odor protection.


For those who suffer from severe body odor, a gel deodorant may be the way to go. Though they’re very thick when first applied, they usually dry very clear and don’t leave any residue. 


Solid deodorants are powdery and go on dry, but they often leave residue on clothing. They are usually the cheapest deodorant available. 


Deodorant wipes are a great option for people who need deodorant on the go. They’re usually individually packed and single-use, so it’s a great thing to have on hand just in case you forget to put on your deodorant in the morning.