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50 Life Hacks to Simplify Your World, Because Gosh Knows We Can Use It

Sometimes life is just too complicated, isn’t it? Luckily, we’ve got some great, interesting hacks for you to try out to make it just a little simpler.

From cool tips for bringing lunch to work to life hacking ideas that think big, here are a few tips and tricks of life that will make your day (or year!) just a little easier.

Interesting Hacks for a Better Life

#1: Bring your lunch to work in a “green” way. Use a CD holder as a bagel or sandwich container.

#2: Cool tips for hydration start with reusable plastic bottles! Mark the time with lines so you can track how much water you drink in a day.

#3: Many of the best tips and tricks of life have to do with our electronically-saturated world! Use paper clips to keep track of all your tangles of cables, chargers, and cords.

#4: Worried about your thumb while you’re hammering away at a DIY project? Use a clothespin to hold the nail in place.

#5: Plop some ice cream on top of your almost-empty Nutella or peanut butter and enjoy your DIY sundae straight from the jar.

#6: Cut the plastic top off of a bottle to keep a half-used bag of chocolate chips or marshmallows fresh.

#7: There are plenty of space-saving interesting hacks out there. One is using paper towel holder or toilet paper rolls to store and keep track of your cords.

#8: Some of the most interesting hacks are also the most fun. Pour pancake batter onto bacon trips and you’ve got bacon roll-up pancakes for breakfast.

#9: If you have to drill a hole into your wall, just fold a Post-it note in half and put it underneath to catch all the dust. Easy-peasy.

#10: An uncooked spaghetti noodle can light a candle for you if the wick is difficult to reach.

#11: A tab from a soda can save space in your closet if you use it to offset a clothes hanger.

#12: Tired of little inconveniences like cutting the stems off of strawberries? A straw will help you do it more easily.

#13: Put rubber bands around a bar of soap to keep it secure in a dish.

#14: Can’t get enough ketchup? Unroll the sides of those little fast-food ketchup holders to make them hold more for your next bag of fries.

#15: This is one of those interesting hacks that never gets old. Many of us lose track of our keys or forget which one is which. Paint the ends with different colors of nail polish or glitter glue to remember.

#16: Cassette cases make great cell phone holders.

#17: Use a baking mix and put it in a mug to make a single-serving cake brownie.

#18: Pool noodles can keep young children from falling out of the bed while they sleep.

#19: Place vinegar in a sandwich bag and tie it around a shower head, toilet flusher, or bathtub faucet to clean it easily.

#20: Tired of dings and dents on your nice wooden furniture? Rub a walnut on them to smooth them out.

#21: Unflavored dental floss cuts cheeses and cakes into perfect slices.

#22: Placing a trash can in an upended dog crate can stop your pets from digging through it while you’re out.

#23: Hang beer or soda bottle six-packs on the sides of a shopping cart to save space.

#24: Use plastic bottles and suction to separate egg whites and yolks.

#25: Dustpans can fit in sinks that mop buckets won’t.

Even More Cool Tips for Life

#26: Spice or coffee grinders can be cleaned easily by boiling white rice inside them.

#27: Spray your measuring cups and spoons with Pam or other baking nonstick sprays beforehand to stop slippery, sticky substances from lingering.

#28: Mince garlic with a cheese grater.

#29: Freeze homemade oatmeal in muffin tins so you don’t have to make it for breakfast every morning.

#30: To keep track of your pills, write down the time and date you should take them on the clear pill containers.

#31: To bake two frozen pizzas at once, cut them into quarter slices and they’ll fit just fine.

#32: Wear your new heels with wool socks at first to break them in so you don’t get blisters and they start to conform to your feet.

#33: If your baking pan is too big for your serving size, put aluminum foil around the food to make it fit.

#34: Put personal items and valuables inside a diaper on the beach to keep them safe in the sand.

#35: Freeze a wet sponge and put it in a bag to make a DIY icepack.

#36: Label bread loaf clips with the name of the appropriate appliance to know which cord goes where.

#37: Use binder clips to hang up frozen veggie bags on the freezer rack to save space and declutter.

#38: Toothpaste is the perfect cleaner for the headlights on your car.

#39: Frozen grapes in a wine glass cool the wine off right away and don’t water it down.

#40: Cool tips for wrapping Christmas presents? Yes, please! Cut open paper towel or toilet paper rolls and put them around a sheet of wrapping paper so they don’t wrinkle or unroll in the storage closet.

#41: Wrap a bottle in a wet paper towel and put it in the freezer for a few minutes if you want it to get cold quickly.

#42: White vinegar can get water stains out of almost anything.

#43: Use a muffin tin to store condiments at a cookout.

#44: Clean out your microwave with water and lemon for a fresh, clean scent.

#45: Slice a tennis ball to keep keys and other items safe.

#46: Use grapefruit juice and salt to clean out your shower and bathtub in a natural way.

#47: To de-wrinkle your clothes, put ice cubes in the dryer.

#48: Use the clip ends of clothes hangers to keep a bag of chips fresh.

#49: Shaving cream is a great way to clean a bathroom mirror effectively.

#50: Wash out your blender by putting some hot water and soap in and turning it on. No dishwasher is necessary.