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Better Options For Healthy Snacks

It’s hard to eat healthy when you’re always on-the-go. Preparing nutritious meals can take time, and it’s often easier to just stop by the grocery store and pick up a bag of chips or run through a drive-thru.

But, while junk food and processed garbage may seem like the easy answer, the reality is there are so many healthy snacks out there that will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

From granola bars to yogurt cups, read on to learn about the snacks you need to pick up or order ASAP.

Granola Bars

Though some granola bars are secretly packed with a lot of unnecessary sugar, there are a few great ones out there.

Peanut butter bars from Nature Valley are a fantastic option, as are the countless other bars they have at

Another great place to look for granola bars to go is

From nut bars (like the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt bar) to fruit bars (like the Mango Apple Chia bar), Kind really offers a lot of variety.


Yogurt bars and yogurt cups are a great option if you’re needing a nutritious breakfast but you’re crunched for time.

Noosa has a ton of different snacks, like smoothies, greek yogurt, and even dessert cups. Check out to see all that they have to offer.


If you’re craving something salty, but you don’t want to dig into a bag of Doritos, PopChips is the answer.

They don’t fry their chips, so they are very airy and aren’t covered in a lot of greases. Plus, one serving is just 120 calories.

Keep these in your pantry in case you find yourself desperate for a little crunch.


Here’s a little tip, keep a bag of nuts inside your car at all times. This way, if you’re ever hungry or really wanting a snack, you have something that’s easy to grab (and you won’t be tempted to stop for junk food).

Ag Standard Sweet Chile almonds are a great option, as are Sahale Snacks variety packs.


No, you didn’t read that wrong, cookies can be healthy! Cookies are usually packed with sugar and calories, but Quest Nutrition cookies are the way to go.

There are a variety of options — from chocolate chip to snickerdoodle — and they barely have any sugar in them.

Plus, they are packed with protein. If you’re desperate for a sweet treat but don’t want to splurge too much, these are the way to go!