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DIY Wellness Shot: Turmeric Tonic With Coconut Water, Ginger and Honey

Turmeric shots and wellness shots, in general, are becoming more and more popular as people turn to alternative, natural medicines to feel and look better each day.

Turmeric tonics, or other natural remedies used to detox and cleanse the body with all-natural, freshly-pressed juices and organic ingredients, are one way that people are beginning to embrace a pathway to natural wellness.

Here, learn about a favorite turmeric tonic recipe with coconut water, ginger, and honey. It tastes fresh and delicious, and it can give you an energy boost for your workout or the whole day with plenty of health benefits and no side effects.

Why Turmeric Tonics Are All the Rage

Why are turmeric tonics becoming so popular? One reason is curcumin. Curcumin, an ingredient in turmeric, has anti-aging benefits and can, according to some, boost heart health and improve the skin. Some say it can also help people manage their blood sugar levels.

Many people are trying turmeric tonics and other wellness shots as a natural alternative to antidepressants. Some say it can boost mood and energy without the side effects of prescription medications.

Of course, you should talk to your doctor before trying anything for your health, and you should not stop any medication without talking to a specialist first.

Ginger Turmeric Tonic With Coconut Water and Honey Recipe

For this turmeric wellness shot natural remedy, you can use an immersion blender or even a regular blender.

The recipe uses lemon for a vitamin C boost, ginger for antioxidants and inflammation reduction, raw honey for taste and immune system improvement, unrefined sea salt for adrenal function, coconut water for potassium and electrolytes, and black pepper to help absorption.

Use two cups of coconut water, one inch of fresh ginger root, ¼-tsp. sea salt, a tiny amount of black pepper, one or two tablespoons of raw honey, the juice from one lemon, and two inches of fresh turmeric for the recipe.

Blend the coconut water, turmeric, and ginger root. Then, strain the liquid and add the other ingredients as desired/to taste.