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Fancy Celebrity Houses

Celebrities make a lot of money, so it’s no surprise they know how to spend it too. While many of them spend their millions on designer clothes, fancy cars, and luxury trips, they also tend to invest in uber pricey mansions.

From A-list movie stars to record-breaking singers, here are some of the fanciest celebrity homes.

Ellen DeGeneres — $45 Million

Though she doesn’t own the home anymore, Ellen DeGeneres used to own a 17-acre estate in Santa Barbara, California. The home is a whopping 10,000 square feet and has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. It also boasts a pool, outdoor kitchen (complete with a pizza oven), a tennis court, and a garden.

Oprah Winfrey — $88 Million

Oprah is one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, so it’s no surprise she has a mega-estate. Her mansion in Montecito, California sits on 42 acres of land and has six bedrooms and 14 — yes, 14! — bathrooms. It also has a gourmet kitchen, a theater, wine cellar, and even equestrian facilities.

And if that wasn’t enough, her estate also has a pool, outdoor fireplaces, a lake for fishing, an avocado grove, and a separate guest house.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé — $88 Million

When you’re Jay-Z and Beyonce, you can pretty much get any home you want. The power couple purchased a two-acre Bel-Air mansion that is 30,000 square feet. The home has a 15-car garage, as well as 4 pools, a helipad, an in-house spa, and a basketball court.

George Clooney — $100 Million

When George Clooney wants to get out of Hollywood he jets off to his stunning estate in Lake Como, Italy. Though the home was built in the 18th century, it has been renovated to include a gym, spa, tennis courts, pool, and even a pizza room.