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Finding the Right Picture Frames for Your Home

Looking to make your space that much more personalized? Then you’re probably looking for some picture frames you can use to keep your favorite photos on the walls. Not sure where to start? That’s what we’re here for! Today, we’ll help you find some of the best picture frames for your space.

Traditional Frames

If you’re looking for something simple, going with standard, traditional picture frames is always a great option. Stores like Michaels, for instance, carry standard frames in various sizes and shapes. Generally speaking, you want to make sure your frames mesh with the rest of your décor.

If you’re going for a very modern look, you might like frames with silver trim and a low profile. Meanwhile, if your home has a rustic look, you could consider bulkier-looking, wood-construction frames to match the style of the rest of your home.

You can also find great deals at Amazon, like the BarnwoodUSA Farmhouse Wooden Frame rustic picture frame. It’s made from reclaimed wood, making it a sound purchase for the environment, too. Maybe you like something with a bit of shine: you can go for a gold frame, like the Project 62 Thin Metal Matted Gallery Frame from Target.

Gold frames give a classy, upscale look to a living space.

Customized Frames

Do you love personalized or monogramed houseware? If so, then you should check out Etsy stores for personalized picture frames. Several sellers on the platform offer gorgeous wood panel customization that allows you to put your own message on your frame.

This is great for signifying events like weddings, vacations and the like. Personalized frames can give your home a unique feel, as they’ll be set to your exact specifications.

Digital Frames

A modern update of the classic picture frame, the digital frame, is a new way to display your favorite pictures. The NIX 10.1 inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame is one of our favorites, offering you the flexibility to display any of your digital photos and even to cycle through them on a schedule. The frame can display pictures as well as videos and has a gorgeous, high-resolution screen.

Digital frames are great for people with tons of pictures on the cloud they want to display in their homes. Since most photos are now taken by cellphones, digital frames are a great way to move their massive photo libraries out of the digital space and into the living room!