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Master Your Grilling: Best Grills You Can Get Right Now

What’s better than throwing a nice steak on the grill and listening to it sizzle? Frankly, we can’t think of anything better for bringing the family together and relaxing over the simple act of cooking and eating a good meal.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first grill or upgrade to a newer model, this article is for you. Today, we’re taking a close look at the best grills you can get right now for your home!

Best Gas Grill

If you’re looking to get a gas grill, the Weber Spirit II E-210 is a great option. It’s modern and sleek, offering great performance year-round and a good combination of features for those looking to upgrade to a newer grill. It sport iGrill compatibility, Weber’s program that allows the grill to pair with compatible Bluetooth-enabled temperature probes.

It’s a great grill for those looking to prepare more complicated meals that will require various cooking times. Thanks to the remote temperature probes, it’s easier to keep an eye on the items cooking even if you need to step away from the grill. In short, if you’re looking for something robust and modern in a gas grill, you want the Weber Spirit II E-210.

Best Wood Pellet Grill

Traeger Grills makes some of the best wood pellet grills you’ll find on the market. The wood pellet style instills a very different flavor than gas grilling. Those who prefer a wood pellet grill note that gas grills don’t give food the same smokey flavor that a more traditional grill can give. If you’re a fan of old-school style grilling, Traeger is the brand for you.

While you might think a wood pellet grill couldn’t be as advanced as a gas grill, this isn’t true. Traeger’s grills are very sleek and modern, with digital controls and sturdy construction that make them as easy-to-use as they are durable. For fans of the classic wood-smoked flavor, this is the grill for you.

Best Charcoal Grill

Charcoal is a beast all its own in the world of grilling. For fans of the style, the best grill for charcoal grilling is the 22-inch Weber Original Kettle grill. It’s a small, simple, easy-to-transport grill that is great for taking to the beach, going camping or just grilling burgers in the back yard.

For those looking for a simple, inexpensive grill that will get the job done, Weber’s simple kettle grill is the best overall bang for your buck.