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Preparing Your High Schooler for College

When you’re raising a kid, it feels like every stage of their life is just preparation for the next stage. After all, you’re trying to make sure they’re ready for the real world! If you’ve got a young one in high school, you’re probably thinking about college now.

College is a huge leap for anyone, so it’s pivotal you help them get ready for the upcoming changes. Here are some of the best ways you can help a high schooler get ready for college!

What are Reasonable Expectations?

Many people have unreasonable expectations regarding college. The biggest challenges have nothing to do with the work itself: it’s tough, to be sure, but only incrementally more so than high school course work.

The biggest challenges regarding college are social. Making new friends, navigating a new city, acclimating to dorm life and keeping up with schoolwork is quite the balancing act. The best way for a high school student to get ready for college is to spend some time away from home.

Preparing for College

For many teenagers, college is their first real taste of living on their own. In this regard, many view it as a pivotal part of growing up. Going from living with your parents straight to living on your own is quite sudden and can stop a lot of young adults in their tracks.

Meanwhile, those who have the intermediary step of living in a dorm get the best of both worlds. They’re not under the watchful eye of their parents, but they’re not exactly fending for themselves. College life has you surrounded by people your age, college amenities and the trappings of academic life you’ve become accustomed to.

Time Management

The most important thing about navigating college successfully is managing your time properly. Teaching a soon-to-be-collegiate student about how to balance their social engagements with their school studies is paramount.

It’s also important to not be a shut-in! It’s no fun keeping locked up in your dorm room, so time management is key. Making sure you spend ample time between schoolwork, class and hanging with friends is the ticket to a successful college career.