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Stimulus Money: Top Home Improvement Projects to Start Now

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve either got your stimulus money now or it will be arriving shortly. And, after all, who doesn’t have plenty of things to do with $1,400? One thing many people could overlook is just how useful that money would be when applied to home improvement projects. And we’re not talking about DIY, here: we’re talking about calling in pros to make some much-needed improvements to your home.

So, what are some projects you could address with that stimulus check? Let’s take a look!

Cleaning/Replacing Gutters

Your home’s gutters could be a mess if you haven’t cleaned them recently. Get a professional to go up there and take a look! The leaves and detritus that can back up in gutters can be a huge problem down the line, making the weight of your gutters when it rains a liability on the side of your house.

By having a professional check them, you can be sure that they’re in the best condition they can be. And, if you need a replacement, now is the time to get it done. After all, when else are you going to have such a sudden windfall?

Dish Washer

When was the last time you had your dishwasher professionally cleaned? If it’s been some time, now is the time to have it done. Food debris can get stuck in the line on the washer, which can cause your dishwasher to be more of a food-spreader. As you might imagine, this means it makes it much harder for the appliance to actually get your dishes clean.

Take this opportunity to get the dishwasher cleaned out by a professional!

Air Duct Cleaning

Blockages in your air ducts can cause serious problems for your home’s airflow. If you’ve got rooms that seem to stay cold in the winter and hot in the summer, it could be due to air ducts that aren’t clean. Get a professional cleaning service to check them out and see if there are blockages that are keeping your rooms from getting the full effect of your HVAC system.

Roof Maintenance

Just like the gutters, your roof is something you don’t see often that is of big importance to your overall house integrity. Get a professional roof inspection to see if anything up there needs a repair. You’ll be glad you did: roof issues can cost a lot of money if you don’t catch them early! The last thing you need is a big storm causing flooding in your attic.