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The Most Beautiful Women in Sports

We all know that sports aren’t really about looks, it’s about skills – it doesn’t matter how pretty your face is, if you can’t battle it out with the best of them, you won’t get far. But some women in sports seem to have both looks and beauty.

Alana Blanchard regularly tops the list, and for good reason. This surfing pro with her own show (Surfer Girl on Network A) is so beautiful that she sometimes takes modeling gigs in her spare time. She has won a ton of championships for surfing, too. Her skincare routine is extensive to maintain that perfect, glowing skin when she’s always in the sun.

Alex Morgan is also often featured in the top five list. This Olympic gold medalist and professional soccer player isn’t just top of her game, she’s absolutely stunning – and her beauty routine means she is also one of the top-paid American women’s soccer players.

Finally, we can’t forget about tennis, the sport that gives us some serious beauties. Ana Ivanovic has been competing professionally since 2003 and won a whole slew of titles – in addition to the millions in prize money. She recently retired, but she’s still as beautiful as ever.