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Top Must-Have Household Electronic Devices For Your Holiday Wish List

With Halloween over and Thanksgiving quickly approaching, physical and online retailers are ramping up production and marketing for their upcoming Holiday sales.

If you’re looking to integrate more electronic devices into your home to make things more efficient, we’ve got a laundry list of items that Santa can’t wait to put under your tree. Continue reading to discover some of this season’s must-have household items.

Smarthome Devices

Alexa: Amazon’s voice assistant is getting a promotion this holiday season. CNET named the online retailer’s fourth-gen Echo the best Alexa device with the best smart speaker. The Wyze Cam and Ring Peephole Cam are the best smart cam and video doorbell respectively.

Google Nest: Previously named Google Home, the line of Nest products features Chromecast with Google TV, Nest Learning Thermostat, and Nest Audio. These electronic devices allow homeowners to do more with their time by syncing multiple household conveniences together.

Entertainment Devices

Flat Screen TV: Heading into 2021, HD TVs are officially standard, with some 4K TVs already being replaced by newer models. While it’s not necessary to have the “latest and greatest” LED or OLED TV, size and picture quality is often determined by how you consume your digital content. Since most streaming services and devices don’t offer native 4K resolution, a TV of similar quality can’t be maximized.

AirPods and Beats by Dre: Although earphones aren’t strictly household products, they are used quite often around the house — especially if you have screaming kids running around. AirPods continue to be the standard for inner ear listening as Beats by Dre dominates the over ear, noise-canceling sector of audio enjoyment.

Kitchen Appliances

Large Smart Appliances: Refrigerators that let you look inside without opening the door, and self-cleaning dishwashers are all the rage this Christmas season. Slide-in oven ranges equipped with microwaves and digital controls are making food preparation easier and easier.

Many eco-friendly washer and dryer units that stack on top of each other have life-time warranties so you’ll never been burdened with paying for expensive repairs.

Small Smart Appliances: As little as ten years ago, small smart appliances only existed in the imagination. Now, the market is filled with smart WiFi air fryers, high speed smart toasters, touchless soap dispensers, and smart coffee makers equipped with espresso settings.

Don’t forget the classic slow-cook crock pot that allows you to meal prep for weeks without taking up too much of your precious time standing over the stove. The highly-reliable Kitchen Aid mixer is also a must-have for any self-acclaimed home chef.

Cordless and Robot Vacuums

Cordless Vacuums: Arguably, the worst part about vacuuming your home is maneuvering around the furniture while trying not to trip over or strangle yourself with the cord. Traditional vacuums are also extremely bulky and heavy. Look into buying either the Dyson V11 Torque Drive, Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless, or Hoover Evolve Upright Vacuum as your next cordless vacuum.

Robot Vacuums: Take clean up time a step forward and hire a robot to vacuum your house for you. Although robot vacuums can’t compete on the same suction level as upright vacuums, their affordable price makes it possible to clean more often without sucking up your free time. Reserve the bigger vacuums for unconventional messes.